I am very appreciative of your contribution to and support of the work of Underworld Amusements and the Union of Egoists. 

Underworld Amusements is a small publishing project of heterodox, weird, disturbing, fascinating and fun stories, theories, dystopias and heresies. Union of Egoists is a research, archive and publishing project exploring and documenting the social history of philosophical Egoism in the century from 1845 to 1945. While both projects are distinct, there is both a great deal of crossover and departure from one another. Both involve a great deal of research and often quiet and long-term study and work. 

Through Patreon, I have been able to more easily stay in touch with people interested in these projects in ways I hadn’t before, and they’ve been able to provide feedback on and often take part in the process of putting together books, research, and propaganda.

Small publishing has always been tough. If I published solely for profit, I wouldn’t be publishing the weird titles I do. But the project does need to generate money to perpetuate itself. Book sales are the best, but obscurity, a proliferation of publishing, and deplatforming, all collide to make that more and more difficult. Through direct support, on a monthly (or yearly in a lump sum), you are making the most practical support that can be offered to either project. 

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